10 Bizarre Beaches From Around The World

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, and when you are in that kind of a mood the most likely thing that pops up into one’s mind is crystal clear waters, sand beneath your toes, a drink in one hand and just basking under the sun while taking into view the sceneries ahead of you. A beach is what you are looking for, you’re probably looking around catalogs searching for just the right beach to let go of all your worries. However what you may not know is that although in this world you have the common beach with the white sand under your feet, the bright sun in your eyes and the blue waters in front of you, these are not just the only beaches available. There are many a different beaches around the world which you never even thought of, beaches with sand of atypical colors or the water with a seemingly settling yet different look and if you are quite tired of the same old routine where your becoming agitated of just going to a beach yet still want to go to a beach then you should check out our list of 10 Bizarre Beaches From around the world to book your next vacation.


10. Glass Beach, California

In the state of California the beach that resides in the Mackerricher State Park is one you probably never imagined of. The Glass beach is synonymous to its name and the shore is made up of glass that has turned into small pebbles through nature’s ways. Initially this was a site for people to dump all their waste, every piece of garbage just piled up to even more debris and then stopped in the late 1960’s when it was altogether banned and made illegal to dump anything at this beach site. With time much of the waste was washed off by the waters but what remained was sea glass that gives a very colorful look to the whole beach. One can say that it is even like looking for treasure however if you do ever get a chance to visit this beach you should know that it is illegal to take any of the sea glass with you.


9. Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for a lot of beaches and the Black sand beach is one of them. This beach is located between the beaches of Pāhala and Nāʻālehu. The nearby volcanic activity is the reason for the color of the sand being black as when the volcanic material erupts and falls into the ocean when it reaches the shore it cools down to become Basalt which is black in color. Although there may not be much swimming action but one of the highlights of this beach are the big green turtles also called Honu that you can find lurking on the shores in search of food? What may also be of interest is that from this beach site you can even see the volcanic activity that occurs if you are there at the right time and actually witness how the volcanic material goes down into the ocean after it erupts.


8. Shell Beach, Australia

Situated in Western Australia, just south east of Denham, the Shell beach is famous for a white coat of shells that stretches over 70 kilometers over the beach. Unlike other beaches which are covered in sand this beach is made up of shells that have over time been brought by the waves from the ocean and are actually the product of dead marine mollusks that wash off the shore. The shells give a white powdery look to the beach and many have even used these shells in making or decorating office walls which can be seen around in the place. The water is highly concentrated with salt and this is beneficial for those who may have a hard time swimming as the salt content enables the swimmer to be afloat.


7. Giant’s Causeway Beach, Ireland

If you want to feast your eyes one beauty then this beach is a must see. It is one of the most visited attraction in Northern Ireland , the reason being that once you reach the beach from the cliff all the way down to the sea are actually stepping stones made from the material basalt which are the byproduct of a volcanic eruption that has been said to take place almost 60 million years ago. The basalt is in the shape of hexagonal columns and look as though they have been personally designed to walk all the way down to the sea. According to legend however these stepping stones were actually made by the giant Finn McCool when he was trying to save Ireland from the hands of the giant Benandonner.


6. The Beach of the Cathedrals, Spain

Number 6 on the recommendation list, is this beach located in the city of Ribadeo is found by many names including the “beach of the Holy waters” or Praia de Augas Santas. What it is unusual or you could say bizarre about this beach is that when the low tide hits you are able to see in different shapes and sizes cliffs and sea caves that have been made due to the geological formation of the waves carrying rocks back to the shore. The arches in the caves give a look of cathedrals and hence its name. The surrounding scenery is also beautiful and is a must see if you are in the area.


5. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

If you’re heading towards the Bahamas, then you are in for a treat not only will you find the shining sun to bask in while you swim in the cool waters but you will find pink sand to lay in and rub your toes in. The beach Is famous for the Pink sand that is the result of the colors coming from many small broken shells, pieces of coral, calcium carbonate that is left on the shore from little marine animals that actually have pink and red shells. Nearby the beach you can also find many beautiful resorts that will allow you to soak up the beauty while being very near to it.


4. Marietas Islands, Hidden Beach, Mexico

Another natural wonder found West of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, the beach is also known as the “love beach” and for good reason. The first impression you will get when you have a chance to visit this special place is that on top of the island you will find a wide open hole and although it may seem dangerous however one look inside the hole and all your worries will dissipate. It will be as if you stepped into a Nicholas Sparks novel in real life, for inside the hole is a beach with beautiful blue clear waters and enough shade for a romantic couple to have their private time and enjoy their vacation in the bliss of this beach.


3. Dragon eggs beach, Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

What we have seen so far is that nature can create the most unexpected of things, on the beach of Moeraki you will find something that may just seem like sci-fi movie. Boulders that is not so typical in their size or their shape. Hence the name dragon eggs as they do look like it or we could only imagine. These egg shaped boulders can be found all over the beach either isolated or in the forms of clusters. So while you are dipping in the waters you can go ahead and enjoy the creations that have been left due to erosion’s and landslides.


2. Vik Beach, Iceland

A black sand beach has been mentioned before however this beach in Southern Iceland where only a total of 300 residents reside in the nearby village of Vik I Myrdal is a beauty. The beach is not only covered by sand which is black as night but also the basalt formation have turned into stacks and monuments that are breath taking. So if you ever get a chance this is one bizarre beach to definitely visit on the Reynisfjara shore.


1. Glow in the dark, Maldives Beach

Maldives is essentially known for its islands and beaches but what you may not have expected is to find a beach that will literally take your breath away at night. The beach located near the Vaadhoo Island is a sure place to visit and specifically at night. the waters glow as if there was a glow in the dark device inside it, however the picturesque view of what looks like a starry night in the sea is the result of bioluminescent creatures also known as phytoplankton that emit light for seconds creating what is known as a “firefly effect” but there are so many that together they create a picture that could only be something out of a fantasy movie. Not only will you have a blast during the day but can enjoy the peaceful serene nights here as well.

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