10 Best Ways To Motivate Yourself Positively

It is no secret that we come across crucial moments in our lives. We face situations where we decide to give up. Things go wrong in life and yeah, sometimes you may want to end up the problems ending your life. Is that the only way to get rid of the uncertainties? Are not you hardy enough to welcome your problems and accord them bravely? Our lives jingles around these three words: Actions, desires and needs. Your actions may not strike in the direction you want. Your desires may not be fulfilled in a way you want them to. Your needs may bundle ahead and block your path. Loosing hope, getting tired of things when they don’t go your way is pretty normal. But you know what is more normal and courageous? Standing firm like a pillar, fighting back, yeah, you are strong and veteran enough to cherish the troubles in your life. Let your troubles test you and let yourself free to fail them. All you need is some positive motivation, a good reason to survive and thrive for something good. If it does not work one way try it another and then other and so on. Sounds hard? Feed yourself some brain proteins (motivation) and get ready for a long journey. Here are some handy 10 Best Ways To Motivate Yourself Positively :





10. Plan Big But Start Small

Now are you planning to be on the top of the world or you want to lose 80 kg’s in a day or two? Quite impossible for a human brain to agree with. You need to get yourself going on and to come with that, initiate small. Start your day with the tiniest and easiest task you could do. That would be like warming up yourself for the bigger ones.


9: Take a break:

Don’t let your mind get tired or overloaded with continuous work. Take it a small break before your energy gets down to zero. Non- stop working lowers your motivation and you even get bored with your favorite tasks. Talk to a friend or family member about your goals and ask for their concern. Ear up yourself with your favorite music. Watch your favorite TV show. Do some meditation to let go your inner worries and tension. Go out in nature and take a walk in the woods or sit beside the sea. Make your choice.


8: Keep It To One

Almost everyone has more than one goals to achieve in life. But if you have a lot of things on your list to do, it most often sickens you and you end up doing nothing. Alternatively if you have only one thing to go for, all of your motivation and energy concentrates on that single task rather than diverging on a ton.so keep an eye on and set up your mind to end up one first and chain up the rest. Only this way you could stay focused. Otherwise you are going to get yourself tangled in a lot of stuff and ultimately you end up putting the list away.


7: Don’t Compare Yourself With Others:

There be people who are way too ahead of you and more successful than you are and by comparing yourself with them can really break you down. Never dare to let yourself down by doing such a folly. Always compare yourself with yourself and with your abilities. Be in charge of what you can come up with and how much you can improve yourself ending up be something better than you are were before. So find ways to tie things to good vibes and don’t kill your motivation by comparing your achievements to others.


6: Make It Fun:

The best thing which can keep you going through your boring tasks is to sprinkle some fun over it. The more you add fun, the more long you stay with it and the quicker it ends with best results. Sing out loud with it, no matter if the tune is offset. It will make you feel better and active. Go for some jokes in between. Have a good sense of humor. Don’t think being too much professional and take out some time to laugh at funny things. This way you can enhance the productivity of your work.


5: Visualize Your Success:

Well if you’ll ask me about imagination. This is the only thing which gives me comfort whenever I am offline. Only you know the challenges you are going through and only you can sort them out. Spending time in counting your debilities can damage your strength. Don’t let that happen. If you are going through something pretty harming, imagine yourself doing good. Visualize yourself doing or achieving your goals. You will feel your senses hyperactive after a few minutes. Now you are ready to put all your contributions to turn your imaginations into reality.


4: Don’t Fear Failure:

Fear of failure is something which most often keep a lot of people from stepping into something new, just because they think they can’t do it. You need to throw this kind of negative thoughts out of your mind if you want to move forward in order to achieve your goals. You can overcome this fear by thinking positive. Fail more, succeed more. By keeping this in your mind you are no more going to fear this fear of failure. Every time you fail, you learn something new to improve until you succeed. So, welcome fear and take bigger steps to success.


3: Stay Focused:


Think for a minute about the hurdles that might create you trouble. Remove all of them if there are any. Stop multitasking if you want to stay focused. Avoid noisy places for working purpose. Don’t head yourself into something else which can lead you to nothing but a waste of time like checking you mails etc. sit in a clean and organized space. Make sure the chair you are sitting on is comfortable enough not to cause to any hindrance in your work. You are now in a state to focus whatever onto.


2: Find The Optimism:

Are you surrounded by people who always degrade you? People who challenges you that you cannot do the thing you are up to? Trust me they don’t even deserve your attention but you know what, sometimes such criticism can take you up to good. First, you burn up in the fire they create and then you stand back like a devil and decide to prove them wrong. So, yeah that can be helpful for you to some extent. I mean they are motivating you in a wrong way but you are the one who will ultimately turn it right.


1: Get Motivation from People in Your Life:

An experienced person can take your motivation level that high you can’t even think of. Don’t spoil your time with people who always look at the dark and dull side of all aspects of life. Instead find yourself company that gives you positive motivation. Don’t bound yourself for motivation to people you are closest to but also to those who you don’t know. Take it from where ever you get it. There is a ton of books, blogs and a lot success stories that you can tap into to boost up your motivation. Watch an inspirational movie. Listen to a speech. Make your way in the storm, pass the thunder behind and lead yourself to victory. There is no one to stop you.

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