10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 30$

Love is a word that explains human feelings ,emotions,attraction ,affection ,compassion, passion,care , kindness for the loved ones. So there is a day specially for the lovers to show their love. Every year on 14th of February valentines day is celebrated mostly in every country of this world . This day is full of love to express your love for your special one. In the name of love and saint valentine People give each other presents and greeting cards as symbol of gratitude and love that is why this day is also famous as saint valentines day and Feast of saint valentine. Cause this was the day when saint valentine was executed to death for marrying secretly to the girl whom he loved so much. Because at that time Roman Emperor banned soldiers from marriage. It is said that before his death his wife came to meet him in jail and there they exchange love letters and flowers. Every country has its own ways to celebrate the valentines day . On this day mostly people not only give gifts to their better half but also to their friends to show love and care. On this day gifts are given by all the depths of heart not by the price tags and also not every one on this planet can afford expensive gifts , dinners and trips . so here we present Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under 30$ for your loved ones so you can also express your feelings.

10. Orchid Flowers and Red Roses

The most romantic gifts given all over the world are flowers. Because when you give flowers to your partner the fragrance and the beautiful color of flowers itself create an atmosphere of romance. But there are too many kinds of flowers and to choose the best one is quite difficult specially on such a romantic day. So the most romantic flowers that you can give to your partner are Kabloom Santorini Blue and White Dendrobium Orchids which is available only in between 28 dollars to 30 dollars and Red Rose which is easily available under 30 dollars while the red color shows only love ,meaning I love you.


9. Silver Love Ring

It may only seem just a little band of metal for the finger. But no one can deny the feelings that any one can express by saying nothing but just giving a ring to your soul mate and he or she will completely understand that what are you actually going to say . Then what else would be the most romantic gift to give other than a ring and specially when love Is engraved on it. Every person whether he is rich or poor will definitely give a ring to his love in some stage of his life ,not only the men but women also.

Because it is a symbol of commitment. But in this expensive world it will cost you only in between 25 dollars to 30 dollars which is available every where and in this era online shopping is the most common thing .So you can also buy it online from any website or from any jewelry store near you . so don’t waste your time on thinking just buy that beautiful ring and give it to your soulmate.


8. Small White Velvet & Silk Heart Chocolates

Chocolates are one of the most sweet and romantic gifts given on the valentine’s day every year. Every where in the world chocolate is taken as a symbol of sweet love, care and affection.women just like to remain in a perfect shape and figure that is why women are so conscious about what they are eating. But when we talk about chocolates they just simply forget all about their dieting. An instant change in their mood came when they eat chocolates. Cause chocolates release dopamine which makes them feel really happy and active.

So chocolates can be a perfect gift on valentines day specially small white velvet and silk heart chocolates by Rogers chocolates. Its beautiful love shape box and yummy velvety silk chocolaty taste will make her fall in love with you again. This perfect box of chocolates are available only in 26.99 dollars. The amazing thing is that you can order it online so don’t get upset where ever you are just simply get these chocolates online and make your loved one happy .


7. Love Mug

It may not seem so much romantic but if you just take a minute to think about how romantic gift it can be then you are definitely going to give your loved one a love mug. Mostly its a winter season in February in most countries, the season of warmth feelings of love. Just imagine about having a mug of hot chocolate in the the cold evening to just make it cosy or you can also buy a pair of love mugs so where ever both of you will be . when ever both of you will take tea or coffee in that love mug It will remind you of the love you have for each other . Love mugs are available almost in every price range almost in between 10 to 20 dollars .


6. Gund Philbin White Teddy Bear

One of the most cute gift that you can give to your partner on that romantic day is a teddy bear. This is the soft hug able stuffed toy that girls like the most. She will always think about you when ever she will hug that teddy bear . It will describe your warmth love and care toward her

Gund is the well known stuffed toys manufacturer company founded in 1898 in new York city and is famous for selling best teddy bears. This soft Gund philbin white teddy bear is perfect gift for her and it will not also put any extra burden on your pocket as 18 inches of teddy bear is available only in 18.53 dollars and of 12 inches only in 14.04 dollars. So choice is yours choose a teddy buy it whether online or from any stuffed toy shop pack it in a beautiful cover and give it to her and make that day memorable.


5. Curious Perfume By Britney Spears

Every one is attracted to the some kinds of fragrance and so when it comes to the women. All women just love fragrance . So gifting a perfume is quite romantic and above all women like perfumes and body sprays . so when you gift her a perfume she is going to love it so much. Britney spears is a well known brand of fragrance and its first fragrance is curious perfume which has launched in 2004. It is a romantic floral scent available in amazing flavors like Lotus flower, Louisiana magnolia,Star jasmine, Pink cyclamen ,Tuberose ,sandalwood , golden Anjou pear and all just in 18 Dollars only . Such an inexpensive and romantic gift . So if you know your girl’s favorite flavor of fragrance just gift it to her on that romantic day.


4. Fragrant love Candles

Fragrant love candles are the beautiful and romantic gifts to be given on valentine’s day. As the low light of candles and fragrance will make the atmosphere more romantic on that romantic day. To add more romance you can cook food for your partner by yourself and can enjoy an in expensive candle light dinner. It will cost you a very little like a very beautiful pack of fragrant love candles are available only in 8.99 dollars online .This will make your valentines day more special than ever before .


3. Someone like You Novel

Its not necessary that you can only give some sort of romantic gifts on valentines day . you can give what your partner likes the most and make that thing romantic. Like if your partner likes reading you can gift her or him some romantic novels for example I like you novel by Sandol Stoddard. This novel has itself a romantic history . like this is the novel given to Julliet by Romeo and to the snoopy by Charlie brown. So it would be the best gift for your partner who really likes reading and this novel that you will give him or her with great love, your partner will love to read and you can get this novel only in 6.95 dollars. Such an amazing gift in such a low price.


2. Picture Collage Frame

This is one of the best gift that you can give to your special one and in 21 st century every beautiful moment is captured in camera .So a picture collage will purely describes your true feelings for your loved ones .because in this you put your effort, love and time in making that collage and it also does not brag about your money but only love . Collect all the pictures of both of you since beginning till now and make a beautiful collage and put that collage in a beautiful love frame. When your love will open that college it is definite that she or he will burst into tears in no time. It will take them in the past in the beautiful series of memories of you with him or her and it will cost you almost nothing cause love frames are available in any price range. So if you have a very little amount of money but a lots of love to give so this is a perfect gift on valentines day .


1. I Love You Cards

This is the most pure gift that you can give to your partner because it explains your true feelings as in this card you write by yourself about what are you actually feeling. ‘I love you’ are the three magical words that you say to the one who is every thing in your life and when your partner will open the card then these three words will say all .

Nothing can be more special than a love card with full of emotions , feeling and of course love. If you are going to propose someone on this valentines day then I love you card is the right choice because no other gift would match the love of this card. You can get these I love you card very easily from any store or online and are available in any price range.

For the people who love each other every single day of the year is full of love, care and romance. But valentines day contains an extra amount of love so you should also show some extra care and love to your partner by giving these beautiful and romantic gifts of very low price that are mentioned above .By just saying a romantic line " from your valentine".

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