10 Best Standby Generators To Buy In 2015

Electricity is the basic necessity in this era of science and technology. Every country tries hard to provide electricity and power without interruption but sometimes they encounter unexpected faults. Even a single second without electricity can make you look like you are back in Stone Age. Well, almost every country either poor or rich experiences power shortage at times all of a sudden. In such cases, it is important to have a proper backup and standby generators are what you can be certain of. They are small and powerful devices which work on both gas and liquid petrol. Here we will discuss the top 10 Best Standby Generators To Buy In 2015  at reasonable prices.


10. The Generac 5837

Best Standby Generators 2015 -

This is a heavy duty standby generator which boasts power of 7000 watts and works on both natural gas and liquid propane. It is part of famous Core Power series and its model number is 5837. It has a good and reliable engine and comes with eight circuit load along with breakers. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and install and hence stress free.


9. Siemens ASGN020RBA

Siemens ASGN020RBA

Made by world renowned and top electric company, Siemens, this generator is a class in its own. It has aluminum enclosure and produces 20,000 watts of electric power. It meets all the ASCE 7 standards and can impress anyone with its power and efficiency. It runs on both liquid propane and natural gas.


8. DuroMax XP10000E

Best Standby Generators 2015 -

It is a portable gas generator with 16 horsepower engine which boasts 10,000 watts energy. It comes with wheel kit which is not common in big generators. This is why it can be easily shifted from one place to another. It comes with automatic switch which makes it more user friendly. Furthermore, it is approved by EPA and ensures all safety standards.


7. The Powermate PM0497000

Best Standby Generators 2015 - The Powermate PM0497000

Made by joint collaboration with Honda, it is one of the best automatic shutdown generators which come with a lot of features in a reasonable price range. It can work on 50% load for 12 hours and contains five 120 volts outlets including one twistlock 240 volts outlet. It also contains dual folding handles, pneumatic wheels and circuit breaker which guarantee convenient portability.


6. Black Max BM907000

Best Standby Generators 2015 - Black Max BM907000

Made by joint collaboration of Honda and Blackmax, this big machine is equipped with 389cc Honda engine along with many features which make it more durable and strong. Some of the features include noise reduction arrest and muffler, portable, innovative, easy to handle device along with zero gravity frame. It also includes four 4 –in- 1 smart digital display which helps to monitor voltage, frequency and time of generator use. As an overall review, this is one of its kinds and can be rightly called as best choice.


5. Powermate PM0601250

Best Standby Generators 2015 - Powermate PM0601250

This is another powerful generator made by world’s famous electric appliances company Powermate which is specialist of air tools, pressure washers and other standby electrical equipment. Powermate has made its name due to its unique design and extraordinary features in its products. This standby generator runs on gas only and comes with electric start with a reasonable price. It has a 22 horse power engine which can produce 15,625 watts of electrical power with a 12,500 impressive running watts.


4. The Honeywell HW5500

Best Standby Generators 2015 - The Honeywell HW5500

This standby generator is specifically designed for residential use and comes with noise reduction kit which is quite remarkable. It contains 337 cc and 11 horse power engine which produces 6,875 watts of electrical energy. Its can operate continuously for 11 straight hours and can deliver 5500 continuous watts. It comes with wheel kit and is easy to handle. Moreover, it also contains recoil starter and 120 volt AC outlets which are quite useful. All these features differentiate it from other competitors in market and give an edge regarding popularity among masses.


3. Generac 5818 EcoGen

Best Standby Generators 2015 - Generac 5818 EcoGen

This amazing generator with latest technology gives the best result and justifies the price tag it has. It is capable of producing 6,000 watts at 120 AC volts and can be reconfigured to full 6kW output at 240 AC volts. Another new thing which Generac has introduced is the proper and clean burning of propane fuel which increases efficiency and engine life at the same time. It comes with exceptional protection steel case which is long-lasting in all types of weather and environmental conditions. Additionally, it has a big LCD display which is quite impressive as well.


2. Westinghouse WH4500

Best Standby Generators 2015 - Westinghouse WH4500

This is a gas powered standby generator, made by famous and leading Westinghouse, with an engine of 292cc engine and 5,600 watts electrical power. It weighs 152 pounds and comes with wheel kit which makes it portable and easy to handle. Its running power is 4,500 watts which is the best among all the XP series generators by Westington. In addition to this it features full steel made control panels which guarantee high efficiency. It also comes with three year manufacturer’s warranty.


1. The Briggs and Stratton- 40301

Best Standby Generators 2015 - The Briggs and Stratton- 40301

The Briggs and Stratton generator is on the first place on our list of top standby generators. It produces 7,000 watts of power and runs on both natural gas and liquid propane. It is made according to standards of CARB and ensures high security and performance. There is a good air cooling system with 504cc engine. In addition to this it has an all-weather protection cover with a very modern and unique design. It is easy to maintain and run and comes with four year of warranty by the company. No doubt it is the number one standby generator available in market which comes with all types of new features and technology.

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