10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015

Smart phones and dumb people is the way we roll these days. A not-so-smart expression may be but believe us when we say that today’s children think that era without smart phones was the one with cave people and dinosaurs. From kids to teenagers,  middle aged to old, everyone uses smart phones these days. This has even lead to a rat race of who’s got what and how expensive is the Smartphone. Now you can’t just buy a cell phone without searching for days and hours on internet for the best possibility there is. Evidently the choice is based upon the price tag and the features. It is important to shop smart for a smart phone. To cater your needs we have compiled a list of 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 . Now you can make an informed decision about buying a thing that will stay with you through every thick and thin, such as mom’s lectures and lonely party.


10. LG G5

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 -

This is going to be something that changes the scenario and turn the tables in the meeting room of Smartphone biggies. The phone will have octa core processor and sit down before you hear this : it will have 6GB RAM. It will also have flexible touch screen and fast charging battery.


9. Oppo 9

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Oppo 9

Oppo is a Chinese company and is all set to release its next flagship phone. The phone will have 4 GB RAM. It will also provide 4G LTE support. Oppo 9 will have 5.5 inches touch screen. The phone will be quite modern in looks. It will come in white, black and also combination of white black in animal print. Leaked photos seem to be very promising. It will have 20 MP back and 8MP front camera.


8. Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5

The phone is available in four different and radiant colors. It has 2 GB RAM and 16GB storage capacity. The phone has 4.6 inches screen. Xperia tried to put in the good specs of its series into one phone but keeping it a little lesser on feature charts. But the price sure balances the specs. The phone is user oriented and fits perfectly in hand.


7. Motorola Moto G

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Motorola Moto G

Recently Motorola has released and announced its latest Smartphone Moto G 3rd generation. Previous versions of the phone were no biggies but this time around Motorola has tried to carve a niche for itself in the market. The phone will have 5 inches touch screen and a 64 bit quad core processor. The phone is especially suitable to people who want to buy a good phone in a pocket friendly price.


6. Oneplus 2

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Oneplus 2

One Plus 2 is a little too early for those who bought One Plus 1. But it is a great addition to the clan. The Smartphone has been announced but is yet to reach the stores (11th August expected). It has 5.5 inches touch screen. If we go to memory, it has options of 16GB with 3GB RAM and 64GB with 4GB RAM. It will support Android 5.1 Lollipop.


5. Motorola Moto X

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Motorola Moto X

2015 Motorola has been going leaps and bounds in success this year with three due releases. Moto X this year is the third generation of the flagship phone Moto X. Two versions named Moto X Play and Moto X Style have been announced. The phone will have a hexa core processor and will operate of 5.1.1 Lollipop. It will have 5.2 inches Amoled screen. The specs of the camera are still to be revealed it can be 16MP and 20MP.


4. Google Nexus 2015

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Google Nexus 2015

Google has been creating the Smartphone fantasies each year with a partner. Previously it came with Motorola to create nexus phones. This year Google partnered up with LG to create LG Nexus 2015 edition. This phone is sure to create a great buzz and is highly anticipated. Using these speculations, rumor mill has been churning all sorts of stuff such as that Google will bring forth two models this year: one with Huawei and one with LG. The phone will have a big display of 5.7 inches. The leaked case cover photo shows multiple lenses for camera. It will also feature a fingerprint scanner.


3. iPhone 6S

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - iPhone 6S

Much speculation surrounds iPhone 6S. After the massive success of previous version (iPhone 6) and the changes in the design, iPhone became the hot favorite again. iPhone 6S is due release in September. Some leaked photos and sources have revealed that the Smartphone will have Force Touch Technology. Force Touch Technology differentiates between the pressures of different fingers. Application of this technology will require certain changes in the design as well. It will have 12 MP camera and 2GB RAM. The look will be the same as iPhone 6 and will be available in Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Space Gray colors. Since the phone will be focusing on internal changes, it is expected that it will have a new processor as well.


2. Samsung Galaxy S7

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S6 was a cardinal entry in the world of Smartphone’s.  The standards set by the phone are very high, but owing to the fierce competition between Samsung and Apple, Samsung is not ready to settle for the best just yet. Critics have been expecting some change in the outlook of the new Galaxy phones as this has long been the wish of Galaxy users. With 4 GB RAM, life just got a whole lot better if you can afford this beauty. 64-bit processor is going to get things done in a jiffy. Samsung fans are waiting to see some new specs and features in the phone. It will support 30 MP camera and 5.5 inches touch screen with super Amoled display. It will also have 5G network connection. The release date is somewhere in the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016.


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2015 - Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the Best Smartphone To Buy In 2015, Galaxy phones enter the arena and enter with a bang. This is not just a onetime story instead it seems it has been on repeat. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is another addition to this trend. The anticipated release date is late August, 2015. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a flat screen and soon after the release a curved screen version will also be released. This version also supports stylus. The release date has been set in August instead of September which is usual for Samsung, because iPhone is also due release in September. The display is magnificent and has been upgraded. The Smartphone will support Android 5.1 Lollipop. The phone will have a whooping 4 GB RAM exploiting 64 bit capacity of lollipop. The camera is yet another delight with its improved images and 16MP. The expected drawback, which has also garnered a little negative commentary, is the lack of support for higher capacity microSD card.

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