10 Best Scooters To Buy For Girls In 2017

Traveling is major part of outdoor activities. It is a human need and daily demand able practice. We need to move from one place to other to carryout daily activities and for this purpose transport is a main stream in this entire situation.

As far concern to ladies they also work for their bread and butter so they also need some potential transport system for them so that they can move with ease and could work independently.

Scotties are made for such purposes that put female golfers to the next level. With ease of movement and matching capabilities it could be ravishing to ride a Scotty. This is something extra special efforts for ladies that is put on for so far. Countless professional ladies have taken advantages of these Scotties and they feel amazing to have such a tremendous opportunity.

We bring to you 10 Best Scooters To buy For Girls In 2017 that are remarkable in performance and elegance that make you easy to go on a way and plan your day better according to your moods and work.


10. Bajaj Kristal-DTS- i

Best scotties for girls

This Scotty scores an excellent performance and mileage tutorial. Bajaj Kristal provides you an advance Twin Sparkle Ignition that makes your day perfect and gives you a perfect start. Engineering and fumes TEC is simply settled with ideal decision making and according to the perceptions and persona of users. It is perfect for working ladies as well as for boys to ride. It claims to have intellect focus on maintenance, grading, style and design of the scotty. It is very easy and safe for short and quick rides. Front amazing framework gives you high proficiency and style that suits your personality and work. The dry weight of this scotty is 163 kg and the fuel limit is stunning 14.5 litres. It achieves a greatest rate of 120 km for every hour. This could be your perfect choice in all aspects.


9. Mahindra Rodeo RZ

It comes straight from the Mahindra House and brags a 124.66 CC four -stroke. The storage room of this scooter is 22 litres. Ultimately suitable for ladies and girls who wants freedom of hangouts and works. It is suitable for all categories and it is easy handling that makes it more acceptable and easy to use. The ground leeway is about 130 mm with extreme rate of 80 km per hour. Its one unequivocal fuel limit slack makes it more classic in use. The back and front lights offers best visions and way to use it on long and dim roads. Some of the extra characteristics involve Night Pace Caution, Portable Charger, RPM meter adds up glance to product. It is more advance scotty and easy to use that will be helpful in crossing the hard paths.


8. Yamaha Ray 113

Extremely sharp in character, style and design this scotty hit all the markets at once. Yamaha started first bike beam 113 with bulky manufacture that makes it impeccable ride for female fatale. It has a grand fuel productivity of 62.1km for every litre which makes it smoother in rides and easy going. The ground leeway is 128mm and wheel base is 1270 mm in spite of fact that it weighs only 104 kg. This scotty should be considered as one of the best transport agent for girls with limit of 15.5 liters. It contains sleek design and elegance that makes everyone fond of it. This scotty becomes dream of all.


7. Hero Honda Pleasure

This company is giving their as best as they can to modify life and make it simple and easy for their customers, for this purpose they keep upgrading their products for the ease and concerns of people. Hero Honda Pleasure is yet another justifying product that steals all customers’ attraction at once. It brags a 4 stroke best scotty for girls and a 102 CC uprooting. Its wheel base is 1240 mm approximately. It provides a great model role that has control over turning range. Clever mileage of this scotty strokes for 55 km for every litre and stockpiling is well dealt with great space, front glove box and a snare behind the back foot board for protruding packs. It comes in all vibrant varieties and maintains its charm over people. It surely is considered for a pleasure ride with smooth wheels that covers miles of distances easily.


6. Vespa VX 125

This company made its initial introduction in Indian Showcases for best scotty for girls through chetak. Although it has an old design but still it looks so eye catching that has made Vespa and memories kind of go together so far. With its unique structure and credibility this model has got a lot of fame that gives it high margins in market. It is available in many cool colors according to your taste and mood. It has a stroke of 48 with engine displacement 125 CC. It has ignition CDI unit with variable advance and HV coil. Vespa is second most awaited scooter that has been sold so far. Its easy handling and fresh looks with improvements make it classier to buy. It has an inclusion of first disc brake setup that provides manifestations and advance coupling to the users.


5. TVS Jupiter Scotty

A very new and attractive combination of this scotty takes glance of everyone. This is most latest and demanding model of gear less scooter launched by TVS. It is available in various colors with sleek design and modern technology. TVS Jupiter has weight of 104 kg that makes it easily handle. Twin city lamps overcome poor visibility and command. Large under seat storage 17 litres with multi dimensional design measuring 1275 mm. Instrument cluster provides necessary information to rider as it comes with trip meter, headlamp indicator, pass light, econometer low fuel indicator. LED tail lights, clear lens indicator and large silver painted grab rail are also fitted rear these features made this scotty exceptional to buy and you will know the taste of ride.


4. Honda Aviator

Powered by 109 CC 4 stroke Engine which makes 8.74 Nm with 5500 rpm torque and 8 Bhp power on ride to wheels. This scotty offers 60 kmpl mileage with top speed of 85 kmpl on ride. It looks much neat and defined in exterior with finished looks and execution. Honda Company takes full charge of this product to be best and very useful for customers. It has automatic controlling functions that made it more advanced to use. Viscous air filter and maintenance free battery provides longer time for use. It is available in five different colors that make a customer look for it. The durable tires provide smooth speed and balanced ride. This scooter provides space for two with side mirrors that gives exact view of back and sides. This scotty could be better choice as marked.


3. TVS Streak

TVS Streak provides you heavy mileage execution and great looks. It is powered by 87.8 CC 4 stroke engines which has capacity to make large displacements. The engine offers 5 Bhp with 6500 rpm maximum power. You will get 75.00kmpl mileage in highway and 55 kmpl mileage in city. These two different extractions made this scooter to be best choice of all. The design and module has such captive persuasion that you will not get along with it. Mated engine with automatic gears gives you smooth rides. Maximum attainable speed is 75 kph. It also features 135.00 mm ground clearance and drum brakes in front and rear alloys. This scotty weighs only about 96.00 kg which made it easy handling and attractive.


2. Suzuki Let’s

This is first 110 CC scooter of this country that was launched this so far. A great product with all feasible advance facility that is required to fulfill daily activities. It comes with various features of air cooled-4 stroke SEP that displaces 112.8 CC. This company claimed mileage of 63 kmpl with 5.2 litre fuel tank storage. It is available in different colors and has unique expressions to hold. It is durable and smooth in riding. This scooter is best choice for public transport and to carry out daily activities. The name indicates active persuasion that holds its importance to one place and they totally justify it.


1. Kinetic Flyte

The company Mahindra has launched great and out standing models named as Kinetic Flyte, the name indicates full speed and charged battery with durable access. It has engine type 125 CC 4 stroke engine, single cylinder and air cooled OHC. This has weight of 105.00 kg with 5 litres of fuel tank. Top speed of this scooter has noted 80 kph with mileage of 34-45 kmpl. This company specifies all latest technology and modernism in their product that is pursue by all. It provides greater periodicity and extra sensors that attracts its customers at glance. It comes in vibrant colors with various other features. This is ranked as one of the best scooter of 2017 so far.

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